Dedicated to support & facilitate the best growing & processing of Hemp in New Mexico

About Us

Support & Facilitate Organizing Farmers into Cooperatives


Creating awareness of the opportunities available in the hemp industry to various groups, farmers, and businesses to spur interest and cooperation for a strong position in the hemp industry. Create opportunities for educational venues to learn 'best practices' for hemp production.

Identify Funding from Private & State Sectors


Networking with private companies and individuals, and state agencies to invest in and fund hemp production from farming to manufacturing.

Advocating for 'Best Practices' Hemp Production with State & Federal Agencies


We work with the USDA, New Mexico State University Agriculture Dept., New Mexico Dept of Agriculture,  New Mexico Environmental Dept. striving to create an atmosphere of cooperation between all agencies and private groups in the hemp industry. 

Our Story

A Man with a Vision

 LEONARD SALGADO is a visionary who sees New Mexico as a future major leader in the emerging hemp industry.  His work over the last six years as a cannabis industry veteran, who has served as Vice President, Business Development and Operations Director for New Mexico’s largest medical cannabis provider, will serve him well in fulfilling this vision.  Having managed the development of the state’s largest greenhouse cultivation facility, and GMP cannabis extraction laboratory, while creating an expanded network of dispensary locations in New Mexico, as well as working with New Mexico Department of Health, NM Agricultural Department, USDA officials, and state legislators. 

Leonard is a strategic planner, capable of working with a diverse group of professionals including, medical providers, architects, federal, state, and municipality administrators, planning and zoning commissions, general contractors, and news media representatives.  Leonard  is the co-owner of New Mexico Hemp Company, LLC, along with son, Joseph Salgado, and is a founding board member of the New Mexico Hemp Association. 

His vision is to launch the best program possible for all stakeholders in the hemp industry.  With focus on  the cooperation between all agencies and entities, creating awareness to those unfamiliar with the hemp industry's potential, positive dialog with manufacturers, growers and government agencies, advocating for hemp legislative laws, gathering research material for state agencies to further the production and commerce of hemp, and creating economic development of the great state of New Mexico through private and public funding.


The WhY


The Cannabis Landscape

Hemp production stems from the marijuana/cannabis industry which has been plagued for decades with illegal, unethical, and  unprofessional business practices along with misinformation from governmental agencies of its medicinal benefits.  With the passage of legalized marijuana laws in the U.S. over the last decade, new companies with strong ethics and professional business practices have been emerging.  However, current farmers who have  invested in the growing hemp industry have suffered the repercussions of some of the negative remaining legacy from the marijuana industry.  With false claims of quality product being sold to them, only to discover at harvest time , the reality of those false claims.  New Mexico Hemp Company seeks to direct those who partner with them to vetted companies with a standard of excellence & integrity in their product and business practices  to insure the  successful industry of hemp in New Mexico.

Unlike Typical Crop Production

The research and development of hemp is relatively new compared to crops which most farmers have been growing.  We are dedicated to  keeping our partners informed on the latest farming technology, quality genetics/cultivar producers, and high end buyers for their product. We are invested in promoting education, R & D, and high quality product development to insure New Mexico becomes a leader in the hemp industry. 

The Benefits for You

The assurance that the companies you are directed to by New Mexico Hemp Company for your various needs are top leaders who have been vetted as to their credibility, integrity and quality of product in supporting our farmers and the hemp industry here in New Mexico.